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1999 Astrolight Insights Archives

Monthly Astrolight Insights 

Astrolight Insights
October 2000

Could you feel the powerful Neptunian energies washing the decks of your life last week with tears of gratitude or tears of regret, when Neptune ceased its retrograde movement and turned toward the future on the 15th of October? The Neptunian tides tug at whatever you hold most dear and force you to lose you grip on anything that hampers your spiritual awakening. We can only thank the Mother of the World for knowing what is best for us and for giving us a chance to feel Her compassionate guidance to more important work for the good of all, the beautification and refinement of everything we contact.

If you thought that was heavy, hold on to your hats, for our Cosmic Father, Uranus is joining hands with the Neptune Goddess and doing the same dance on October 26th. You will feel His power as it shrieks though your nervous system and enlightens you about the danger of holding onto hot stuff like composting matter and outworn forms that burn the spirit, when time and

attention are wasted on the meaningless. We can awaken with awe to the quick and far-reaching changes we are experiencing in our lives, or we can close our eyes and listen for the explosion.

With the Sun entering Scorpio on the 22nd at 7:48 PM our spiritual strength will be tested. Fortunately, Father/Mother Uranus/Neptune have reminded us of our spiritual manners and we will take advantage of the courage we feel during this month of Scorpio to see beyond the illusion we call spirituality into the fiery world of creativity, where we can plant our seeds of hope and energize the growth of whatever we hold most dear. We can know ourselves as creators and take ownership for our creations. We are noble, we are blessed, we are guided, we are in control; we just have to act like it, with humility, of course.

On the New Moon in Scorpio, the 27th of October at 12:58 AM, we had better take a look at our seeds, identify the ones we value, and make up our minds to plant them in rich soil, water them with unselfish desire, and watch them constantly as they transform into abundance.

By the time of the Full Moon in Taurus on the 11th of November at 1:15 PM we can be celebrating our fecundity. We will have fruits to share, fruits of new wisdom and down to earth goodness, born of our focused application of higher energy.

We won't want to miss the opportunity to speak up on November 7th, when Mercury goes direct. After all the introspection and tongue biting we've been doing since Mercury went retrograde on the 18th of October, we will be happy to clear the air. Of course, there is always a chance that we will pollute the air with our words, if we have missed seeing the need to take responsibility for our thoughts and their real consequences on others during these initiatory times. Let's hope we can be in the bright light of these amazing times without cringing.

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Astrolight Insights
September 2000

Today at exactly 10:28 AM we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox with the beginning of the Libra Sun cycle. All we want is to be able to intelligently comprehend our lives; the rest is details. With the extra mind power that is now available we might be able to do just that. That is if we can take ownership at the causal level for the state of our affairs. Any imbalance we might behold could be remedied by creating an equilibrium between the forces of the mind and the heart. After all, a rational idea is nothing more than an emotion that has become stable.

On September 27th at 12:53 PM the New Moon appears in Libra. If we can overcome the tendency to lay back, which comes with this moon, we will want to take action and restore order and harmony to our lives. Inward beliefs become apparent in outward behaviors, which in turn directs the mind toward control and conscious choice of thoughts, aiming to harmonize our activities with our highest imaginable goal. We want to attain that which has been attained by the one who embodies our highest ideals. We desire insight into the methods for progressing toward Divine Order.

The following day Mercury goes into Scorpio at 6:28 AM and is still in Scorpio when it goes retrograde on October 18th. We are willing to approach the unknown and dig deeper than we ever have before in order to find out what causes our personal events to unfold the way they do. We realize that knowledge is power and we want to know where to go for the truth. When Mercury goes retrograde we will have an opportunity to search our emotional roots for the causes of our confrontations with others. We can take a lesson in transformation from the seed.

One day more and Jupiter goes retrograde in Gemini at 5:52 AM. We will be feeling a pull back in the growth process to allow our inner wisdom to deepen before we make important decisions. We will have some additional time to review the moral integrity of our planned expansion. We want to build up our confidence and enthusiasm by strengthening our relationship with Higher Guidance. We want to clearly identify chaos as the primary force which restricts our movements as we proceed on our way through transformation to new consciousness.

The results of this process of deeper discovery will be more apparent by the time of the Full Moon in Aries on October 13th at 1:53 AM. Then we will have the energy we need to implement our plans, demonstrate our abilities, and share our treasures. We each have a sacred service to perform in this life. In the light of the Aries Full Moon we can take courage from the knowledge we have gained about the nature of our seed and rebuild our temple form the ground up.

Pearl's inspirational talks are now available on CD's. To find out more about them or to receive a unique astrological interpretation of your personal birth message and a beautiful poster sized Natal Chart available only from Astrolight, call Pearl at 509-747-7367, e-mail:, or check the web site:

Pearl will be presenting the extended message of the New Moon in Aries, retrograde Jupiter and more at the Tree of Life meeting place in Couer d'Alene on Sunday October 1st from 2:30 to 4:30 PM. Meetings to celebrate the New and Full Moons will continue every other Sunday at the same time and place. Donations will be requested to cover costs. Everyone is welcome to come.

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Astrolight Insights
August 2000

By now we have all felt some release of energy and movement forward as a result of Chiron and Pluto, coming to the end of their long retrograde motion and starting a forward thrust into the fiery Sagittarius realms.

With Chiron's change on August 11th we came to understand at least in some small measure what the problems are and how much energy we have to solve those problems. This new knowledge will serve us well as we choose to whom and to what we want to remain connected and figure out just how to sustain that connectedness.

We feel the heat caused by the change in Pluto's motion on the 20th of August, as we find ourselves trying to put our affirmed beliefs into action; something we now know we must "do or die". Those of us who work for the Light must show our faith in clear action on behalf of harmony, forgiveness and refinement.

Since Saturn went into Gemini on the 9th of August, we might be thinking that we will simply continue to take responsibility for everything we've got going, rather than discern that at least half of the things we have started are no longer relevant to the Greater Work we now know in our hearts we must do.

With the Sun now in Virgo we may take a more critical view of ourselves and our achievements, while we reach for the knowledge we need to continue safely on our journey into the uncharted areas of ourselves and our universe. We drink herbal tea, while we purify our minds for the long

distant flight, we wish to take into the kingdom of the Divine, hoping to guarantee our connectedness to the Infinite Source of strength and love. In so doing we cure ourselves of any sense of loneliness or separated self and we discover compassion again.

By the time of the full moon in Pisces at 12:37 PM on the 13th of September we could see some of the fruits of our purification, increased inner joy and peace, as the fog lifts and our heightened awareness perceives the connection between matter and spirit, between the world we create and the invisible forces that support that creation.

If we resolve to harmonize our creative force with the evolutionary movement supported by the Hierarchy of Invisible Beings, who is guiding humanity to our highest goal, before Saturn goes retrograde on the 12th of September, we will be able to strengthen that foundation over the next few months. We can throw our weight, our dedicated creativity, onto the side of the Living Light. We can take responsibility for the role we can play in achieving the natural Equilibrium, essential for a healthy planet, while insuring that we each have a place in the continuing life of our Mother Earth.

Pearl's inspirational talks are now available on CD's. To find out more about them or to receive a unique astrological interpretation of your personal birth message and a beautiful poster sized Natal Chart available only from Astrolight, call Pearl at 509-747-7367 or e-mail:

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Astrolight Insights
June 2K

Can we catch our balance after rockin' and reelin' under the impact of stationary Uranus square Saturn on May 25? For those of us, who received a profound personal impact from this Uranian event, it may be difficult still to calm the nerves and receive the intended gift of light. We must embrace the call for change in the very foundation of our affairs and expand to include new and greater possibilities in the discovery, use and direction of our powerful personal energies.

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn peaked on May 28th. Can our personal belief systems support the works in progress? What happens if we examine the foundations of those structures, routines and systems that we have accepted as authorities in our lives and find them to be founded on ill considered premises or on priorities and values that we no longer hold as serious and sacred? We must check our foundations in life and see if they rest solidly on the beliefs we hold today. At the same time we must check to see that we are actively expressing our beliefs by creating forms and connections that harmonize with those deeper purposes.

This full moon of June 16th at 3:27 in Sagittarius is the first full moon since the turning of Uranus and the Great Conjunction. In the bright light these two powerful events we can become fully conscious of the profound impact these planetary beings are having on our daily affairs. With this guidance we can now adjust our focus and right our path toward greater awareness of and harmony with each other and with those in the Invisible World, who are assisting us during this time of accelerated growth. We work to make our beliefs visible and our hearts open through cooperation with our loved ones.

On the 16th of June Mars moves into Cancer. On the 18th Venus follows Mars into Cancer. Then the Sun joins them in Cancer at 6:48 PM on the 20th. We become sensitive to the desires of our close friends and family. We nurture and protect them as they find the courage to pursue those desires. However, if we hide our personal feelings beyond June 23, when Mercury goes retrograde, they may not come out at all. Communication efforts play out in the inner arena, as we review all that we have recently been through and try to find words to express our new being as we emerge from behind our shadow self.

The partial Lunar Eclipse of July 1st in Cancer will be the perfect event to draw us out of hiding, unless of course we are duped into cowardice by the emanations of Mars as it timidly unites with the Sun and Moon in Cancer on the day of the eclipse. Instead we may choose to enjoy companionship with our Inner Guide and Teacher in order to find the greater meaning in this Lunar Eclipse Celebration.

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Astrolight Insights

The Sun was the fourth planet of the anticipated seven planet line-up to
enter into Taurus on the 19th of April. The intensity of our love of honor
and personal integrity comes to light. The male force glorified at its
highest in Aries is tenderly enfolded in the loving arms of the goddess.
The value of the feminine energy is recognized and infused with the light
and hope of the living, creative seed.

On the 29th of April the child of the union is perceived as Mercury also
enters Taurus. We speak the language of love if we know what is good for
us. Gratitude is the best attitude at a time like this.

Next day Venus joins the party and the heart is fired up. The new form in
the kiln is baked in the intense heart fires, the more intense the more
beautiful the new fired object of creativity will be. The Venus energies
in Taurus are at their highest vibratory rate, loving, generous, nurturing,
receiving the gifts of the Lord of Life as needed for the continued growth
of the new life forms.

The picture is complete on May 2nd, when the Moon enters Taurus and we feel the presence of the Goddess in us and around us. The Mother of the World takes her place within her Son.

We might want to rest in the light of the moment if it weren't for the
impelling forces of Uranus and Neptune, testing our commitment to
attainments of universal love, unconditional love, divine forgiveness and
the challenge to forgive the past and all those who ever erred in our
imperfect eyes.

We might find peace if it weren't for the blazing light of Uranus sending
up fireworks intended to reveal that our guides are still there helping us,
protecting us and impelling us to a higher consciousness, where the
blessings can still be counted.

The strain of the dynamic battle between Uranus and Saturn can be felt more deeply and surely now. The physical form must accept the infusion of light into the very cells of the body in order to successfully weather the coming changes.

The most profound day is the 8th of May, when Neptune becomes stationary. If we haven't yet drunk enough sustaining juices of spiritual light and love to convince us that there is hope and help, we will know it now for sure as we turn our heads in reverence for the Supreme Source of Love, the Divine Heart, which holds us all in protective custody throughout our transformation.

We each can become the midwife for this birth by generating as much heart
felt feeling as we can to flood the amniotic fluids that surround this
gestating planet with the most wonderful ambiance to ensure a wonderful
birth celebration, allowing the new form to come into a world that is ready
to receive it with joy and harmony. Happy Resurrection.

To purchase CD's or to receive a unique translation of your personal birth
message and a beautiful poster sized Natal Chart from Astrolight, call
Pearl at 509-747-7367 or e-mail:

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Astrolight Insights
March 2000

We complete yet another phase of our inner journey, examination of
conscience and communion with our inner Guides with Mercury going direct on the 14th of March.

However, the very next morning at 3:49 AM Pluto stops in its tracks at 13
degrees Sagittarius, where it makes a long station and then begins its
retrograde movement. With this power we will all be willing to take a
greater risk with our energies and resources, particularly if we feel that
we can increase the rate of our transformation in consciousness. We know
this transformation in consciousness and expression of personal energies
will manifest as releasing of outdated and useless acquisitions and habits
of all kinds. It will naturally (if we cooperate and harmonize with
evolutionary movement) or forcibly (if we resist the change) purify our
centers of activity, within our bodies and in our environment. With
Plutonian energy's deep and penetrating levels of activity, this
transformation and purification may happen on subconscious levels and
appear on the surface to be nothing at all. We may not notice the effects
for some time, but they are helping and guiding us to higher levels of
humanity, nonetheless.

The Full Moon is at 29 degrees 53 seconds of Virgo on the 19th at 8:44 PM. The light shines upon the results of our hopes and dreams recognized at the New Moon in Pisces. We carefully scrutinize the visible results and
rewards. We may feel critical or frustrated about the insufficiency of the
fruits of our labors, since the moon is in a hard aspect to Saturn at that
time. We may blame the other guy for this as the effects of the moon in
Libra color the moment. However, if we have taken responsibility for our
inner purification, the moment will bring tangible signs of the grace, the
gifts and the love of the Teachers and Guides, visible and invisible in our

On the same day the Sun goes into Aries at 11:36 PM. This light activates
our will to find the sacred in life. We can find the strength to let go of
selfishness and cooperate with others in the search for what is needed in
this time of growth. The will power to unite opposites of every kind and
the wisdom to understand just what that would look like is available to us,
if we are willing to pioneer into some new horizons.

On the 22nd at 5:25 PM Mars becomes the third planet of the seven expected to go into Taurus. We are building up to the planetary line-up of May. If the Solar Eclipse of August 11th was a conception moment, then May 2000 is the time of birth.

Chiron stations on the 27th and we learn about applying the appropriate
remedies for health in whatever area of our lives is impacted by this
force. Accurate discovery of the cause of the problem, while reaching for
new techniques that will help us heal ourselves gives us something to share
with those who are on the same path.

The message given in the "Solar Eclipse" CD produced by the Astrolight
Center last July is very important in understanding the May 5th Lineup.
Therefore, the Solar Eclipse CD has been improved, re-edited and reissued.

Astrolight Insights
February 2K

The Partial Solar Eclipse of February 5th has had such an impact
that the forces, which came to light at that time, will remain important
and available to us for the next several months. The lessons we are
learning now can change our lives forever. We are entering the age of
enlightened responsibility, leaving the ways of our childhood behind us.
The theme is reconstruction, reconcilliation and refinement in every way.

On February 19th at 12:34 AM the Sun moves into Pisces and we
become dedicated to that truth, to that enlightened realization of our
interdependence and unity on the spiritual path. In Pisces our gratitude
for the abundance of guidance and our sensitivity to subtle and benevolent
forces, moving in our lives, becomes possibly overwhelming.

Only two days later on the 21st Mercury goes retrograde. We ask
ourselves what have we learned over the past six months. We are drawn back into the energies of the Solar Eclipse of August 11th, because the power of that energy generating system has been renewed by the Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius about two weeks ago.

At 8:27 AM the same day, February 19th, we have a Full Moon in
Virgo. We take an objective look at our personal progress and
effectiveness in respect to this spiritual awakening. Are we aware of
harmonizing with the evolutionary growth of humanity to higher states of
consciousness? To what degree do we provide the resistant energies, become our own worst enemies, feel the emotional fog of doubt? How can we unite our sense of personal inadequacies and imperfections with the high ideals of the call to perfection?

While holding the vision for a better future we calmly hack away at
out personal shortcomings. We keep a critical eye on ourselves without
feeling self-pity or martyrdom to a greater cause. There is no greater
cause that manifesting our own dreams for these are the fuel for even
higher creative realizations. It is a Sacred work.

The new moon on March 5th in Pisces will bring us the grace we need
to manifest our beliefs and the inspiration which can motivate us to put
those beliefs into words. We will all have an opportunity to become more
sensitive to the bigger picture, to our invisible guides and helpers, to
the effects of our emanations and to the products of our creativity.

On the 13th of March Venus will also go into Pisces. If we have
lined up our forces with the forces for the greater good by now, we will
experience the joy of heart and soul attainment.

Astrolight Insights
January 2K

On the day the Sun goes into Aquarius, January 20th at 10:24 AM, we
have a full moon in Leo at 8:40 PM and a full lunar eclipse at 8:44 PM.
The Sun in Aquarius sheds light on the bigger picture and we become
more aware of our surroundings, visible and invisible. In the clarity of
the moment we see ourselves as a small speck in the most expansive
environment. We become conscious of the winds of change and the strength of passing time. We are content to be a star among many, a speck of sand on the sea shore. It is the spirit of unity and sisterhood that is
important. We gain courage and heart from the knowledge that we are all
being pulled together by the same powerful magnet to the solar apex , our
highest attainment.

As we turn together and focus in one direction, we become aware of patterns of energy and collections of energy types that exert their forces on our movement and we adjust or compensate as necessary.  Having healed ourselves, we are motivated now to share our lessons and techniques with others for the benefit of all. We understand that by
healing ourselves we have contributed in some measure to the healing of

The lunar eclipse in Leo brings the acute desire to manifest our
creative powers down to earth. We realize that we must give this Aquarian
light form of some kind. A challenge to the individual appears as we
accept the responsibility to make that manifestation the display of our own
personal truth. We do something creative for all to see, revealing our
heart, our desires and our commitment. We reveal our character and our
self-worth. We expose a degree of sensitivity to energies available for and
resistant to the exposition of our gifts. In order not to become overly
self-conscious and defensive, we cultivate the art of detachment with love
and humility.

This way we attain mastery of the Leo-Aquarius polarity experience.
We come to center in the knowledge that healing others is healing
ourselves; it is one and the same act. Being creative in the image of our
Creator, leads us to the understanding of how we were created. We know
Love to be at the heart of the matter.

Learning the lessons of the Lunar eclipse in Leo, will put us in
good light for the full Solar Eclipse of February 5th. It is then that we
will need the courage to stand up and offer what we can of our creative
energies to the betterment of our society and the health of our planet.
Pearl will be the guest speaker at the Metaphysical Research
Society's monthly meeting on Thursday, February 3rd at 7:30 PM, presenting "Creativity As Your Birth Right" at the Masonic Temple, 706 W. Garland in Spokane. Everyone is encouraged to attend. To receive a unique translation of your personal birth message and a beautiful poster sized natal chart, call Pearl at 509-747-7367 or contact her by e-mail:

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