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The "Original" Star of Opportunity!

The Star of Opportunity will make powerfull creative energies available to those who can receive them. Increase your chances of success in whatever you do by tuning in to the quality of your Relationships with everyone and everything in your life. Pearl Foster, professional Astrologer and Spiritual Science teacher, can help you understand how the constantly changing energies of the planets can help or resist your movement to a more evolved state of being. We can recognize and harness unseen forces, or at least learn to cooperate with energies impelling us along on our most personal creative path. Astrolight defines planetary energies in a way that helps us cooperate with them for our own highest good, which is ultimately for the highest good of All.

This Star of Opportunity is a vehicle for carrying those willing to travel into the higher realms. It represents the connection between the higher self and the personality. Knowledge is the key. We still have time to prepare our hearts and minds to receive the light offered by this Star.

At the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2003 six planets will form a Grand Sextile or Six-pointed Star in the heavens. Pearl Foster, Astrologer and Spiritual Science Teacher, spoke a year ago about the import of this rarely seen "Star of Opportunity" at a special meeting on November 23, 2002. Critical messages for these dynamic times of accelerating evolutionary change are encoded in this planetary formation of inverted equilateral triangles, "The Star of David", "Solomon's Seal". Look through this window of enlightenment and envision our process of personal alignment, harmonizing with the need of the human community to respond to the dynamic transformation of our planet Earth.

On November 23rd, 2002 Pearl Foster gave a public presentation about the Harmonic Concordance, revealing the hidden meaning of the star. This is now available on CD entitled "Harmonizing the Chord" for easy listening.

Make a wish upon a Star of Opportunity!

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 Astrolight Astrology       Star of Opportunity       Astrology Shop       Astrolight CDs       Astrofire Philosophy  
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