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Audio Recordings of public presentations given by Pearl Foster are available
on CD for easy listening.
$20.00 each or 2 for $30.00 (plus shipping).

Harmonic Concordance Presentation is now available on CD!

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          The "Plutonian Conception" Series
                                                 Approximately 65-minutes on each Audio CD

#1. Aiming for Perfection
 - Perfection is the goal. Discover the value of visualizing a better future.

#2. Original Synthesis 
 - The power of thought is transformational. Discover innovative ways to support creativity with a focused mind.  

#3. Experiencing the Solar Eclipse: August 11, 1999
 - See how the consciousness is realigned at the solar eclipse. Discover what really happened at the Solar Eclipse of August 11th, 1999 and the pattern it setup for all subsequent Solar Eclipses. 

#4. Creativity: Your Birth Right
 - In the image of our Creator we can create. This exciting presentation was given to the Metaphysical Research Society of Spokane.

#5. Jupiter Rising
 - Planets are energy centers symbolic of living beings.  Become aware of help provided by invisible beings.  

#6: Explosion of Light
 - The truth is available to us all if we only bring it into consciousness through an authentic connection with the invisible Energies of Light.    

#7: Infusion of Soul
 - Creativity is a process of receptivity. Without opening the heart and mind to receive the light and water, there can be no growth.    

          The "Plutonian Transformation" Series
                                                 Approximately 70-minutes on each Audio CD

#1: Greeting Attainment
 - Linking with those who have already attained may be the most important aid to advancement on the evolutionary path to higher states of consciousness.    

#2: Being in Consciousness
 - Living light on the Spiritual Principals for cooperation in trust and compassion is essential for human development.    

#3: Harmonizing the Chord
  - At the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2003 six planets will form a Grand Sextile or Six-pointed Star in the heavens. Pearl Foster, Astrologer and Spiritual Science Teacher, spoke a year ago about the import of this rarely seen "Star of Opportunity" at a special meeting on November 23, 2002. She brought into focus critical messages, encoded in this planetary formation of inverted equilateral triangles, "The Star of David", "Solomon's Seal". Her insights on the Harmonic Concordance are highly valued in these dynamic times of accelerating evolutionary change. You may take a look through her window of enlightenment and envision our process of personal alignment harmonizing with the need of the human community to respond to the dynamic transformation of our planet Earth by listening to this two CD set.    

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Pearl Foster
Astrolight Center of Spokane

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Astrolight Center of Spokane

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