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Astrofire Philosophy 

The physical Planets are symbolic forms representing the energetic emanations of Living Beings. We can become conscious of their energies at this time in order to harmonize our personal choices with the movements of these energies. This harmonization enhances our lives and strengthens our possibilities so that we can more efficiently achieve our goals. 

"You are the Creative Seed"
by Pearl M. Foster
Published January 2000 in Spokane's Open Line News prior to Pearl's public speaking engagement at the Metaphysical Research Society (MRS) of Spokane. Recordings of Pearl's presentation at the MRS are now available on CD or audio cassette

"You are the Creative Seed"

If you know yourself to be an individual who could make a difference in humanity's experience of peace, love and mutual-respecting process, it is time to stand up and make yourself known. If you do not yet know who you are or if you can make a difference in the future of mankind, you can begin the process of self-discovery by getting creative now. There is no time to waste. What if there was a kind of energy not unlike electricity, oil or gold that could fuel your creativity and you could find out how to "bring it on home" for your own creative accomplishments? What would you create? If you had at your disposal unlimited energies of various kinds and qualities, what would your vision for a better future be? If you could see yourself as a creative being limited only by the thoughts and memories, feelings and desires, material possessions and obligations or promises to others, what would you be willing to do to get out from under those limitations and experience the power and joy of creating a better future?

We can obtain tremendous insight into our world, our universe and our Source simply by getting to know ourselves. I have taken this journey into self discovery with the help of astrological wisdom and planetary beings. During thirty years of study and practice in astrology I have personally received so much help, understanding and direction that I could not keep it all to myself. I have shared guidance with friends and clients. I have presented readings and visualizations on audio cassettes and CD's. I have given public lectures in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Germany. I have written my own text of astrological interpretations of planetary energies. I have designed my own computer program using the creative and colorful natal chart I designed to enhance immediate and intuitive understanding of the natal chart. I hope to publish my astrology text soon. I plan to continue talking to people about how we can create a better future for ourselves and others. I believe that the secret to uniting with others and becoming creative is in knowing yourself.

As an astrologer, I am the translator of the cosmic messages. Receiving these important messages is not unlike listening to the messages on your telephone answering system. The messages come to you from various sources and have relative degrees of importance. Some of the messages you have put in the system yourself by using the memo option so that later in you life you could review and remember the messages when you need them. If you save the tapes that your answering machines fill up, you can collect an archive full of details from various periods of your past life. You can review "past lives" in any order you wish at any time you decide you have the time and patience to hear them. This knowledge storing system can be very valuable. It would be especially valuable if you stored on the tapes details of locations for buried treasures or numbers from forgotten bank accounts where you still hold savings.

Details about the unique personal creative process we each can potentially experience are found in the messages of the astrological birth chart. Hidden talents, graces, karmic credits, and life intentions are revealed in the birth chart. I recommend an intuitive and accurate translator with penetrating insight into the meaning of the signs and symbols of astrology for the job. Such knowledge can greatly assist each one of us in identifying the connections we can make that will further our creative process and in learning how to make those connections. An astrologer who understands these living links from past to future, can help you synthesize your energies and enhance your growth process toward your highest potential.

Astrology is the study of creative force in action. It demonstrates a renewing or regenerating process, a cyclical spiral of birth, growth and death. Astrology brings to life the natural evolution from individuality through attraction to unification. It charts the journey from unawareness through expansion to consciousness. Astrology gives us a language we can use to demonstrate an awareness of forces at play in the universe. It gives us a way to talk about our personal relationship to those energies. It inspires us to imagine creative ways we might interact with those energies. Astrology attempts to put into words the messages of the Council of Planetary Beings, who by the nature, quality and activity of Their energies and combinations of energies assist in the creation of opportunities or possibilities for individuals and generations on the evolutionary path.

At the time of your first breath of life, you inhaled a microcosmic dose of the invisible substance resulting from the unique combination of energies present in the environment at that time. You were offered a gift and you took it. Why were you offered this gift of life and why would you want to take it? These are the questions foremost in our consciousness since the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. At that time we received the message about our creative power and direction and about the transformation we are now experiencing. Light can be shed on the answer to these questions when we obtain accurate knowledge about and actively participate in the creative process that is intended for each one of us.

An astrology chart is a picture of a seed, the seed of individuality. To be able to identify the product of a seed by looking at the seed itself can be very helpful in determining how to care for and nurture that seed. How well the seed will thrive and how much fruit it will bear depends on the care, water, love and protection it gets, among other things. Just as we see in nature, certain kinds of foods or environments could inhibit the growth of the seed. Accurate information about these needs could be critical.

We have all been warned about planting the seeds today for a better
future tomorrow. But have we been shown any seed planting method which
gives certainty to the nature of the seed or scientific proof of the fruit
today's actions will bear tomorrow? I don't think so. At least not in the
political, social, religious or educational arenas. There we have been
given clues about the fruit we are grasping for desperately, but little,
vague or no training on the recognition of the true seed, the creation of
the best soil or even the location of the garden. 

Once we begin to take responsibility for nurturing our own seed,
and we find the joy that comes from harmonizing with the process we have
hoped for all along, we begin to share that joy and to take joy in the
accomplishments of others as we see our friends and loved ones manifesting their creative powers. However, we must first see this living fruit coming from our own spirit before we can know what to look for in others.

By our creative thoughts we collectively shape man's future, effecting the evolution of mankind for better or for ill, sooner or later. As a group we can let go of our past, and look ahead with new eyes that can discriminate between appearances or phantoms and Truth in Spirit. To accept our heritage and create as we were meant to create leads us to know how we were created. As we share in this Divine evolutionary process--for that is what it is--we grow in knowledge of our qualities as individuals and of our Source's qualities. This knowledge leads to love of our Creator, gratitude for this opportunity to share in this process and desire to serve as a facilitator in the Great Work of Creativity. We do this in honor and dedication to all those before us and beyond us who have exposed our unified Spirit, and who now attract and inspire us to do the same.

It is imperative that we each discover and accomplish the work we
came here to do in this life. Recent planetary line-ups have been designed
to provide the energy we need to transform our level of awareness of this
work. We must sustain our subjective views of the evolutionary path of the
soul within the constantly changing energies of the universe.

The Solar Eclipse of August 11th reminded us of availability of
higher more refined energy for conscious creativity. What is it we are
creating? Why, the future, of course, as we have always been doing.
However, now we can do it consciously, awake and aware of the help, the
hindrance, and the role of the "self." We are changing our focus from
lower, unrefined, manifestations to the "Higher Self", from selfish to
Godself, from alone to conscious union with others of like mind.

We can reach deeper resources and reserves within ourselves to
accomplish our personal callings as a result of the fueling opportunities
we now have during this powerful moment of life on the planet Earth. If we
only could remember what we came here to do and where the fuel can be
obtained to do it, we would be well on our way to conscious, harmonious
living. The practice of unconditional love and forgiveness is the
propelling force.

Irreconcilable forces have lead us to a point of personal choice.
We must move to harmonize with the greater evolutionary movement now
clearly before us. Those who remain in resistance to that movement give
force to the explosive accumulations that will eventually transport those
on the transcending path to safety. The healing remedies, that are needed
to release the creative forces of those who choose to actively participate
in our planet's rise to a higher vibratory rate of creativity, are now
available. Be awake and aware. You are a living, creative seed.

On February 3rd I will present the details about how we can find
and collect this important energy. I will discuss how we can target our
personal goals for success. I will show the interaction and cooperation of
planetary energies in the creative process. I will include a translation
of the message of the Solar Eclipse of August 11th and of the conjunction
of Pluto and Chiron at the end of the past millennium. I will also offer
clues to the message presented in coming planetary line-up in Taurus.

The Astrolight Center of Spokane is now presenting Pearl's
Astrological visualizations and guidance on CD's and Audio Cassettes. Pearl is available for personal guidance and translation of personal natal chart messages. She has designed her own computer program which presents her creative translations of the personal meanings of planetary energies and directions. She offers a colorful and informative poster-sized astrology chart which she created to honor and celebrate the seed of each person's individuality. 

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