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Dear Friends of the Light,

We are all making changes. We are learning that for us to be of value to humanity our personal changes must be in line with mankindís evolution to expanded states of consciousness. Conscious change guided by Astrological Intelligence can help us perceive the meaning of our lives and the value of our relationships.

Astrolight Astrology by Pearl Foster

Astrolight astrology will provide you with valuable personal insight and astroanalysis that generic computer programs or automated websites cannot provide. Astrolight astrology readings encompass the whole person, understanding the completely unique combination of planetary energies contained in your Astrolight Birth Chart.  The combined planetary energies in your astrolight Birth Chart unite to form an accurate picture of your personal potential, bringing a better future into focus.

True astrological counseling must be based on helping an individual combine his or her talents and desires into a whole, efficient, effective unit that is capable of targeting a goal and delivering the necessary energy for the successful growth and attainment of that goal in the future.

For those who are still searching for a deeper purpose in life, "Astrolight," the invisible light in our lives, can help, inspiring higher levels of knowing and greater courage in action. Astrolight astrology serves the awakening minds of those who are searching for understanding of the past and direction for the future by discovering the Higher Self within self.

Astrolight astrology has helped me penetrate the depths of my own nature, guiding, comforting and inspiring me through many years of joys and trials. Astrolight astroanalysis can do the same for you ó increase awareness of the Light in your life.

Together we can traverse the material, mental and spiritual realms of your life through astroanalysis. We can discover your unique talents and hidden potentials that may guide you on your path to true happiness and inner joy. Founded on 35 years of analyzing astrology Birth Charts, I can give you personal, psychological, and philosophical insight into the planetary forces at play in your life.

Deeper understanding is a true gift, like manna from heaven. The enlightenment I have received from Astrolight astroanalysis has inspired me to share this cosmic view with anyone, striving to know "self" better and to make life more meaningful and rewarding. I can help you discover the gift of self-empowerment, grounded in self-motivation and directed toward life fulfillment. Once you identify and activate your individuality you will have more to give. Meaningful giving is the most rewarding of human engagements, both personally and socially.

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Pearl Foster

Astrolight Center of Spokane

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Welcome to the Astrolight Center

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