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Personal Astrolight Readings Available

The Astrolight Center offers a variety of Astrology and Spiritual Science resources.  Add insight to your life by ordering your personal Astrolight Birth Chart and Telephone Astroanalysis.  Astrolight offers valuable personal insight and guidance that generic computer programs or automated websites cannot provide.  Your Astrolight Birth Chart holds many simple and complex messages, available to you whenever you want to ask for them. Pearl Foster, a true astrologer and spirtual science teacher, can decode the astrology signs and symbols to reveal these hidden messages to you.

Click on one or more of the following options to view detailed descriptions: 

1 Astrolight Birth Chart and 
1 1/2 hr. Astrolight Telephone Reading

Document of personal planets by Pearl Foster.
"Opening Astrolight"Introductory Presentation on CD
2 Opening Telephone Astrolight Reading
Call 509-747-7367 or email 
to set up an appointment.
3 Areas of Deeper Discovery Telephone Reading
Hear answers to all your questions.
4 Elaborate Poster-Size Astrolight Birth Chart
An invaluable visual aid to use during telephone readings.
Included documentation and introductory CD.

Introductory Mini-Astrolight Reading
One half hour pre-arranged telephone conference.

Pearl Foster presents groundbreaking guidance in a public presentation on November 2002. Now Available on CD.
7 Astrolight Spiritual Science Teachings on CD
Public Presentations of Light given in the U.S. & abroad.  
$20.00/ea or
2 for $25.00

To order your Astrology chart and Astrolight reading call 509-747-7367 or e-mail When ordering charts, please include the name that you would like to appear on the chart, along with the date of birth, exact time of birth, and birthplace.

Priority Shipping of Astrolight Birth Charts is free throughout the United States.
Add $5 Shipping for up to 3 CDs; $1 for each additional CD.
Visa and Mastercard accepted.

To order, call:

                         Pearl Foster
                         Astrolight Center of Spokane

 Astrolight Astrology       Star of Opportunity       Astrology Shop       Astrolight CDs       Astrofire Philosophy  
Welcome to the Astrolight Center

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