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Order Your Initial Astroanalysis 
Personal Telephone Conference with Astrologer Pearl Foster
$115.00 for your Initial Astroanalysis. 

Astrologer Pearl Foster will provide you with insights and analysis of the Signs and Planetary Energies as they were uniquely combined at the time of your birth. These messages have been waiting for you until now, when you are ready to take an expanded look at yourself and your place in the universe. Click here for information on also ordering your Astrolight Birth Chart to have during your conference. 

To order, call Pearl at 509-747-7367 to make arrangements to pay by credit card, check or money order. Be prepared to give the name that you would like to appear on your chart, as well as your date of birth, exact time of birth, and birthplace to: 

Pearl Foster
Astorlight Center
Spokane, WA 99203

Click here for a special discount on a combined order of your initial Astroanalysis together with you poster-size Astrolight Birth Chart.

Your Astrolight Birth Chart may be the most valuable personal possession you will ever own. It will offer you a lifetime of insight and revelation. Your Astrolight Birth Chart holds many simple and complex messages, available to you whenever you want to ask for them. All you need is a true astrologer who can interpret for you the hidden meaning of the symbols and equations revealed in your Astrolight Birth Chart.

The Astrolight Center is the only place you can purchase your poster-size (11"x17"), laminated birth chart, uniquely designed to include details about the meaning of your astrological Signs, Planets, and Houses. The chart color-codes planetary symbols and relationships, and clearly indicates Rulerships, Elevated Planets, Focus Planets, and much more. 

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 For more information contact: Pearl Foster

Spokane, WA 99203