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 Poetry by Pearl Foster

The game we play,
Every part of us connected to life,
Energizing rhythm to infinity really.
What energy can we attract, hold, give?
Recognizing energy for innate creativity. Define,
Hold, target and release.

Cooperation with Master
Energies activating personal holdings,
Potentials lining up individual changes,
With mankind’s evolution to higher states of
Knowing, expanded states of consciousness on a
Sacred sacrificial planet.

Value to humanity.
Striving to radiate hope,
Perceiving the meaning of our lives,
The quest of our incarnate soul, The Jewel.
Searching, calling, being heard. The value of
Relationships becoming apparent.

Relationship with the father,
The mother for the child within.
Holding our friends to each other.
Attaining our hopes and our dreams.
Relating the planets to each other to our
Mother Earth and Father Heaven.

Compassion from hope
Help from joy, sunlight to Divine Light,
Spring water to the Healing Water of Life.
Fire to blood, feet to Our Lord, body to dust.
Every breath we take making the length of our life
Discovering psychic energy.

Universal possibilities,
Causal forces, hidden meaning,
Deeper all-pervading soul purpose,
For the real treasures in our experience.
Directing our path toward Love on this living planet,
Heart of the Milky Way.

Advanced wisdom.
Guidance in Astrology,
Birth to Individuality on to Unity,
Timeliness, tact, adaptability, character.
Building the hut, expanding the consciousness,
Surviving the twenty-first century.

The earth, our planet,
Our Mother, our hope, our help.
The path of the activated soul. A human
Evolutionary path, in synchronicity with The Law.
Renewing Planetary Being, changing for growth,
Divine Soul growth.

Mind, searching
Understanding, unconditional love
Of the past, to the future, in the now,
Expanding consciousness, the child of awareness.
Genius arrives, like lightning; see it, grab it, let go,
Be quick or get burned.

Astrological intelligence,
A guide to knowing, activating,
Vitalizing, realizing individuality,
The pure expression of intention, creating a link.
Bridge spanning time to perfection, once before to be after,
Rejuvenating transformation.

The future, perfect and attainable,
Unlocking personal power in the now,
Self-understanding, respect, sense of purpose,
Deep, all-pervasive purpose, clarifying the past.
Envisioning the enlightened way, inner guidance,
Never satisfied, reaching higher.

Energy in vibration, claiming
Ownership of personal behaviors,
Encounters with duality, karmic justice.
Hope for humanity, striving forever for peace.
Beyond dissatisfaction to the Truth, we are only One,
Ascending together.

–Pearl M Foster 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

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Welcome to the Astrolight Center

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