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Q:  Can you tell me my future?

A: To some degree the future can be ascertained by those who are guided by wisdom, have developed penetrating insight and are actively using their natural intuition to receive enlightened, truthful insights. This could be you some day.

Knowing the future comes from clearly seeing the present and following the flow of energies to their natural conclusion, then factoring in the possibilities of unknown resistance to the natural progression and making a partially informed guess. The skill level can make a difference in a person's ability to objectively and logically predict the truly natural flow of events. Awareness of the magnetic nature of all things would greatly assist in this progressive thinking.

I do not claim to tell the future or to reveal an individual's future. I can clearly reveal some of the possibilities based on the past and on the choices made at the time of the birth. However, I cannot predict how much attention, energy, caring and nurturing these possibilities will receive. Therefore, I cannot say to what degree a person's potential will be realized.

It is getting more difficult for each one of us to focus on and attain our highest goals these days, because there are so many distractions, interferences, misguiding forces and deceiving sign posts, not to mention chaotic and destructive uncontrolled troublemakers, visible and invisible, on the lose.

Fortunately, some of us are developing stronger wills, determination and perseverance in this time of stress. We have decided to definitely develop and contribute our personal forces to assist all those pushing for new life, new hope and new joy. and that is our final answer. By rising to the occasion of greater love, refinement and gratitude for the Providential Plan that gives us plenty of strength for caring on into better times, we are passing through this fire and emerging in the light of a new day.

I am a real astrologer, practicing what I preach and gaining wisdom in the experience. I have lifted astrology up from the brink of superstition and meaningless self satisfaction to the respectful place it can attain when the true enlightened path is revealed by this spiritual science. 

Now I am not trying to take the fun out of predicting the future or deny you the thrill of thinking for a moment or two that your dreams, be they your dreams or those imposed upon you by, power-wielding interfering mean-wellers, who might have held a place of authority of some kind in your life.

I can take your case to heart and give you some very pertinent and meaningful information about the desires you have for this life. I can also tell you about the tools and resources available to you for attaining those desires. I can help you honor a contract I believe you made with yourself about what you want to get done in this lifetime. I can point out some of the forces that might be holding you back from reaching your highest potential in this lifetime. I can indicate the path of least resistance that you can travel to attain your goals. I can suggest to you where help is available.

In the end we all want to synthesize all our energies into an effective, expressive, harmonious and powerful whole so that we might auspiciously make our most magnificent contribution to the collective movement humanity is now making to higher states of consciousness and greater knowledge of Truth.

To attract the living guidance, I would like to draw up your birth chart. I will need more that the birth date if possible. I would also like the exact birth place and the closest time AM or PM. I would be helpful to have your real name as well, although I can use your internet handle, if your handle is personal to you. If you do not want to use your real name, please tell me so that I will not look to the name for supporting indications.

I would like you to show your respect and appreciation for this information and your honor for the time I will be spending to look into your personal situation. My work for you will be very personal and original. Therefore I am asking your to send $25 to my address each time you request a report from me by e-mail. As soon as I receive your check or money order, I will send out your next report.

Someday I would hope to receive your request for a poster-sized, laminated birth chart, which I will create individually for you, using my colorful, self-explanatory natal chart design in my original computer program. This beautiful mandala, the picture of the seed of your life, can only be obtained from the Astrolight Center in Spokane, WA. It is the celebrated result of many years of research and development in the Astrology of the Soul.

To get the relationship going between us, I am sending the following personal information to you in answer to your request for "predictions". If you resonate with my ideas and would like to send your gratitude, please send me a check and I will send you some more information. With each request from you I will go into your personal information more deeply and in greater detail, providing I have your birth information.

For more information contact:

Pearl Foster

Astrolight Center of Spokane

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